Do you have dangerous areas of your property you need to protect people from? Floorsafe provides you with the tactile ground indicators Melbourne needs to stay safe. These bright and easy to install ground indicators allow you to provide a way for people to easily see when there is danger ahead. Messages can provide you with the necessary information in a highly visible place. Bright enough to be seen by even those who are visually impaired, these can help you to make sure that the signs are being seen.

Keep Them Safe with Tactile Ground Indicators Melbourne

Floorsafe provides you with the best tactile ground indicators Melbourne hast to offer. We make sure your business has the indicators for your ground areas that are easy to see and easy to feel as you are walking across them. The change in texture is a good indicator that people need to pay attention to what is happening around them.

Once purchased, these products are easy to install in your property. Installed when installing your flooring or as an addition to it, it is possible for you to easily install these for better safety. A variety of options make sure that the ground indicators are exactly what you need for your property. You will notice the difference when you install these today.

Best Safety Products for Your Property

Contact us today at Floorsafe to get the kinds of tactile ground indicators Melbourne businesses need to maintain compliance. We also supply you with all the other devices you need to maintain safety on your property. Browse through our product catalogue today when you are on our website. Make your purchase today for better safety from our website or by calling us on 1300 717 769 or by email on