About Floorsafe

Floorsafe Australia is an Adelaide based family business formed in 1991 after many years of experience in the anti-slip industry by the proprietor, Mr. Philip Zagni.

Products continue to be used throughout Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Hong Kong, New Caledonia, Indonesia & Malaysia.


With the success of our Quick-Fix self-adhesive tactiles the company has added to the range Brass self-adhesive, Black PVD self-adhesive, Black & Ivory PVC self-adhesive. Complimentary plastic interlocking 300mm x 600mm templates are offered when ordering a minimum of any 500 tactiles. The company has extended its range of 300mm x 600mm stainless steel tactile plates complete with 72 x 316 stainless steel tactiles. Three further types have now been made available with Carborundum infill in a choice of black or yellow, PVC in a choice of black or ivory & PVD black tactiles. Brass this year has become more widely used and therefore in demand. We now manufacture and have available 300mm x 600mm all brass ready to install brass tactile plates. They look great and are great value for money.


After searching the globe we believe we now have the very best and strongest warehouse floor tapes available in Australia today. Made in the U.S  the tapes are seven times thicker than other tapes and have a proven record of dealing with the toughest  warehouse environment. Forklift to the heaviest wheeled vehicles  the Mighty Line tapes are quick & easy to apply, longer lasting than any other tape or paint and comes with a mighty three year warranty.


Development & introduction of our ‘Quick-Fix’ self-adhesive stainless steel & PVC tactiles. This is our new concept for making individual tactiles easier to install, especially when it comes to replacing missing tactiles. SAVE 30% – 50% on installation cost – NO drilling holes – NO risk of breaking tiles- NO adhesive – NO mess – NO dry time


Moved office & warehouse to 88 Gibson Street Bowden. Increase in business has warranted the need for a larger warehouse so larger quantities of products can be stored. Setting up the new warehouse has allowed us to install further cutting machines & equipment so orders can be dispatch by the production team the same day.  The new spacious office also house admin, accounts & sales all in comfort.


Introduction of our new size Polyurethane self-adhesive 300mm x 600mm tactile pads.


Manufacture of our new ‘Fibreglass Plus’ anti-slip coloured stair nosing’s. Finished with a chemical resistant finish and available in any Australian standard colour.


Introduction of our carborundum anti-slip stair nosing inserts & strips.   Especially made to fit our range of aluminium stair nosing profiles our new concept will now provide the extra grip that is required in wet areas. The other benefit is the insert can be produced in any standard Australian colour and are completely chemical resistant.


Introduction of our Fibreglass stair nosing’s. Manufactured to our quality requirements in two sizes. Our bulk purchasing allows us to retail this product at the lowest prices available in Australia.


As demand increases for our speciality tapes demand for warning/barrier tapes also has seen us introduce plain & printed warning tapes. Our buying in bulk allows us to sell these good quality tapes at a very affordable price.

APRIL 2010

Introduction of our Polyurethane self stick tactile indicator pads 300mm x 300mm. Available in 3 different colours and comes with our own special developed primer.

MARCH 2009

Introducing our own brand designed silicon tactile Tacpads. Available in both horizontal & directional our 300mm x 600mm size makes for eay installation. Avaialble in 6 different colours and comes complete with its own adhesive.


In association with our Chinese partners we introduce stainless steel & plastic tactile indicators. Carrying a 10 year warranty a bulk buying allows us to sell a top quality product at competitive prices.


Introduction of rubber cable covers and coloured nylon fabric velcro cable covers for easy installation & removal on carpet.


Reflective Tapes & floor marking tapes now being stocked. Available in most colours & sizes. Volume purchasing with the savings passed to the customer makes all of our tapes the most competitive priced in Australia.

JULY 2005

Increased enquiries for stairway safety has lead the company to have available a range of quality and cost effective anti-slip aluminium & rubber stair nosing’s. Safety Tread is manufactured by the company and is quality custom made to the customer required size and colour. This product is extensively used in Mining and for use on off shore oil rigs.

MAY 2005

Once again our company has had a break through by being able to produce a simple mop on product to make slippery Vinyl & Timber surfaces safer to walk upon. Cost effective Add-A-Grip has already gained International use.


The Best Product Award was presented to Floorsafe Australia at the Melbourne Health & Aged Care Exhibition.