Are people slipping in critical areas on your property? Floorsafe offers a safe and easy to use solution with the best tactile pads wholesalers Australia. These pads provide contrasting colours so people will see there is a hazard ahead.  The tactile pad also provides a surface that is non-slip and prevents accidents. Purchasing and installing these pads not only provides you with peace of mind about your property, but you will also be able to maintain compliance with the safety regulations. Install yours today and enjoy better safety on your property right away.

Stop Slipping with Better Tactile Pads Wholesalers in Australia

Floorsafe has your solution whenever you are looking or the best tactile pads wholesalers Australia has to offer. We have the largest variety of tactile installations for your entire property. You can choose between different types of tactile installations including:

          Tactile Pads

          Tactile Plates

          Tactile for Carpets

          Directional Indicators

All of our products are durable and long lasting even in high traffic areas to maintain safety for years to come. The pads provide a difference in texture you can feel and a surface you can see is different. These help to prevent slipping and make sure people are paying attention when entering a dangerous area of the property.

Choose from Great Products

Our online catalogue provides you with access to all the products you need including the best tactile pads wholesalers Australia has to offer. Floorsafe is your first choice for great safety products on your property. Simply browse our catalogue and you can choose the items you want for your property. You can purchase directly through the website or you will be able to purchase from over the phone when you call us on 1300 717 769 or by email on