We get so many questions about the best ways to make landscaping designs last longer. And, we are happy many of our clients and readers are interested in preserving their landscaping work.

Landscaping is expensive, and you need to enjoy all its benefits. This is why we have come up with excellent tips to help your landscaping projects last longer without compromising their beauty.

First, here are some of the bad things that can happen to your landscaping project;

You may notice that some angles in the project start caving in after a while. This is not normal, and the collapse could be caused by those resilient pests out there. Also, issues such as discolouration, dying plants, and leaks promote erosion.

All these issues can be directly linked to pests in many cases. You should make all efforts to ensure that pests do not intrude and cause problems in your landscaping project. These problems will be the focus of our post today.

Why Are Pests Attracted to Landscaping Projects?

There are many reasons why you will find pests in and around your landscaping project. The main reason is that bigger predators stay away from human residences for obvious reasons. The pests seem to feel safer in our environment, but we can’t let that happen. The pests need to find other places to hide.

Also, leaks and soil beneath and around landscaping work provide a good environment for pests to thrive.

But there is always a solution to every problem. Here are the best tips to drive those fierce pests away from your beautiful landscaping project for good;

Spray Repellents Routinely

The use of repellents to drive pests away from your landscaping area is very effective. However, it will be best to identify the pests that are living around your landscaping project first. If you know the type of pests trying to invade your outdoor space, it will be easy to select the most appropriate repellent to keep the pests away.

Please note that you will find many brands of repellents in the market. Your best option is to buy an environmentally safe brand. You don’t want your pets or the beautiful grasses to suffer because of those pests.

Keep the Area Clean

Food attracts pests. And these little creatures regard even the smallest things such as food wrappers and leftovers as a hefty meal. So you should keep your environment clean. Pests can detect food sources from a distance. That is why dirty environments quickly get swamped with pests.

Fill Any Holes in your Landscaping Area

Over time, holes and cavities appear in landscaping projects. But you must never ignore these holes. Close them up, or they can create a perfect home for pests.

You should make proper arrangements with your landscaping contractor to perform regular maintenance. This maintenance ensures pests such as rodents and ants do not find holes in your outdoor area that could become their new home.

If you are currently battling with pests in your landscaping project, give us a call. We can help you get rid of features attracting those pests and restore the beauty of your landscaping.