It is so important that our public spaces, centres and businesses are accessible to all members of our community. There are many products on the market that can help us to enable access and inclusion. Tactile indicators are placed on the ground, on walkways, footpaths, curbs and at intersections to provide information about the terrain and features to people who are visually impaired. A recent improvement in tactile indicators has been through the technology that allows them to be installed with an instant bonding treatment. At Floor Safe Australia, we have a range of instant bonding products called the Quick Fix selection. This range has been manufactured to comply with all relevant Australian and New Zealand standards. This means they can be used in the area of escalators, stairs, ramps and moving walkways to alert pedestrians of these upcoming hazards. The Quick Fix range are all produced to a high quality and come with significant warranties that will ensure you get good value for money from the products. At Floor Safe Australia, we can give you guidance on the correct installation and distribution of Quick Fix Indicators. In general, you must make sure you are applying the instant bond indicators to a clean and dry surface. Surfaces must be flat and smooth, made of materials such as timber, tiles, concrete, stone, bitumen or metal. Because of the range of surfaces they can adhere to, the Quick Fix indicators are great for buildings that have a modern design or unusual aesthetic. Quick Fix Indicators have an adhesive at the back and need only a tap with a rubber hammer to ensure they are fully bound to the surface.

Brass Tactiles

Brass is a great choice for your tactile indicators. Our Quick Fix Instant Bonding range of indicators is available in brass, but we also have other options in this timeless material. Brass is easy to maintain and clean. Brass gives a professional and hygienic look, and is a substance that is corrosion proof. Our polished brass tactile plates are a great choice for areas in which installing individual indicators is not an option. There is also a high degree of security with plates. It is very difficult to remove or force off the plates once they have been securely fixed in place. Like our individual tactile indicators, the plates we produce are made with a high degree of workmanship and are compliant with relevant standards. Brass tactile plates are popular choices for outdoor spaces that are frequented by the public. Because they look modern and sophisticated, they are frequently selected by councils and businesses who want to create places that can be enjoyed by the community. The plates are also anti-slip. They have even been used in areas which are exposed to higher amounts of water. The lifespan of a brass tactile plate is around eight years. Brass plates are priced very reasonably considering how easy they are to install and the value you will get from the plate. Our brass plates are sized at 300mm x 600mm. Further product specifications are available from the Floor Safe Australia website, and our team can also answer any questions you may have about how to decide if a plate or individual tactile indicators would work best in your particular situation.

Plastic Tactiles

Although brass is a popular choice for tactile indicators, a plastic range is also available. Plastic tactile indictors may be the preference for those who are budget conscious, because individual tactile indicators can be purchased from us at less than 50c per item. Plastic tactile indicators can be installed on a variety of surfaces, and adhered with appropriate adhesive products. They also come in a range of colours which can help designers and architects get a consistent look and colour theme across public space designs. Colours in the current design range include black, yellow, grey, blue, white and terracotta. Colour choice can help ensure that there is a high degree of contrast between the indicators and the material on which they have been installed. Plastic tactile indicators are slip resistant and provide a secure warning system to pedestrians travelling around in the community. We can provide plastic indicators in bulk, which is useful for Councils and developers who are creating large scale public sites. Plastic tactiles can be drilled into place, and using a template is recommended for this process. We also can provide plastic indictors from our Quick Fix instant boding range, which means that indictors can be installed quickly and easily. If you are required to install indicators to your building, we can help you decide which material is the best choice. The team at Floor Safe Australia has helped make all sorts of buildings more accessible and safe. Contact us and we can talk you through your options and explain the rules and regulations about tactile indicators.