Tactile indicators are a growing trend at places that receive lots of pedestrian traffic. They are found everywhere, from staircases and ramps to waiting platforms, crossings and escalators.


Their tactile design guides and warns people of upcoming hazards along their way. The purpose of these indicators is to help pedestrians navigate the landscape safely by avoiding falls and slips.


Additionally, they also greatly help the visually impaired as the raised tactile pieces under their foot or cane warn them of any potential danger.


For these reasons, tactile indicators make a fantastic addition to every workplace. However, there are a few things to take into account before you install them.

Find out more below.


Which Tactile Indicators To Choose?

There are a variety of tactile indicators available, both application and material-wise. And with so many manufacturers out there, you should know what defines a high-quality tactile indicator.


If you fail to discern the quality of your indicators, you may face quality issues later down the track. For instance, a lower-quality tactile ground surface indicator may start shedding colour or cracks may appear in them. Tactile plates, when damaged, act contrary to their purpose. They become a hazard for the very people they are intended to serve.

But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Tactile indicators at Floor Safe Australia go through rigorous development and testing. We provide the best quality stainless steel tactile indicators, plastic pads, ceramic tactiles, and much more.

Don’t Forget to Consider Australian Standards

The country has set some laws regarding tactiles to confirm safety and benefit to the users. Therefore, it’s a must to know them before making a purchase.

For instance, there are specifications set for studs and bar dimensions. Inappropriate dimensions may result in tripping hazards. Secondly, installation patterns must be orderly as irregular installation will render the tactile useless and may mislead pedestrians.

Colour-wise, the luminance contrast between the tactile and background must be 45%. Therefore choose the colour wisely and avoid tactiles that fade. Lastly, tactiles must provide sufficient slip resistance to prevent fall accidents.

Choose Long-Lasting Tactile Indicators

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on tactiles that require frequent replacement. Also, avoid imitation products at all costs since they are a waste of resources.

Good quality tactiles are the ones that stand the test of time. Tactiles have to bear rough conditions as a matter of their application. They have to withstand immense trampling, both human and potentially vehicular. In addition, facing rain and other climatic conditions is another test for them.

Choose Easy To Install Tactiles

It’s cost-effective and time-saving to use quick-fix tactiles since these tactiles bond instantly. Tactiles at Floor Safe Australia reach 99.9% adhesion and are easy to install on any given surface.

Say goodbye to drilling holes using special machinery or using messy adhesives with our quick-fix tactiles. We also provide installation assistance in most areas.

Go for Tactiles That Come With a Warranty

Tactile indicators that are backed with a warranty are the way to go!

We have faith in our products hence why we provide a warranty with them. In fact, our warranties last for as long as ten years.

Floor Safe Australia is your go-to for buying tactile indicators. We are known for our tactile indicators in Sydney, Melbourne, and even internationally. Find the tactile indicators you need on our website today.