Most people find flooring to be a simple thing wherein safety and maintenance proves to be of little concern. But there are special kinds of flooring that make the world of difference for some people in the community. More work and consideration are put into these flooring projects which require more attention than simply installing and keeping floor plates clean.

Steel Tactile Indicators in Public

Tactile indicators and tactile plates are seen in community and public places more often than we can count. They are usually brightly coloured tiles with bumps and textures. But most people don’t know the actual purpose of these indicators! .

These special plates and indicators are made and tailored to assist visually impaired individuals to navigate public areas with ease.

But what makes these stainless steel tactile indicators, tactile ground surface indicators, and tactile indicators in Sydney even more remarkable is how quickly it takes to install them. Plus, they don’t require any form of heavy construction to put them into place.

This makes them easily accessible to people who require a quick fix for their flooring or need something special installed that impaired people can use quickly.

Customisable Tactile Indicators and Tactile Plates

Tactile indicators and tactile plates come in several shapes and sizes, making things much easier for people as there are a myriad of options and choices they can purchase according to what they need.

They are easily adjustable and customisable, making them easy to install and remove if the need arises or if there should be a change in the environment that warrants for the plates to be moved elsewhere.

Floor Safe Australia Tactile Indicators

Floor Safe Australia aims to provide public establishments, locations, and private areas with tactile ground surface indicators that impaired individuals use to navigate their community safely.

We have the most extensive range of quality tactile products in the country. Plus, we can cater to even the most specific of clients’ needs and offer sound advice during installation.

Here at Floor Safe Australia, we provide you with access to the best quality tactile ground surface indicators for a great price. So that you can ensure the safety of those who need them.

We strive to make the community and public places more accessible and inclusive towards visually impaired people. Through this small act of making establishments, companies, and local construction safer for the visually impaired we can make the world a better place.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any enquiries about tactile indicators. We offer over the phone or in-person examination and then provide suitable materials and products for your use.

Our staff are more than happy to assist with your inquiries. That is why we encourage you to drop by or call our office when you’re ready at 1300 717 769 or email us at