Reflective Tape

Reflective Tape

Floorsafe Australia’s Class 1 & Class 2 reflective tape can be used for traffic signs, bollards, work zones, dangerous objects, retro-reflective marking for cars, trucks and other vehicles or other traffic safety use.

Reflective Tape colours:

  • Class 1 Red/white, Yellow/black, Fluoro Yellow, silver, Yellow, Red, Green
  • Class 2 Red/white, black/yellow, white/green, white/blue, yellow/red, plain red, yellow, silver, green

Size of the rolls are

  • 50mm
  • 75mm
  • 100mm

If you want to know more about the reflective tape product or want to order it check out our website or call 1300 717 769


Have you got computer cables or extension leads running across your floor at your work or home? Defiantly a trip hazard. How about you check out Floorsafe cable covers made with flexible material, it will not ripple like traditional plastic cord covers.

Ideal for high traffic area to hid cords and prevent tripping accidents

Flexible rubber cover that is easier to lie flat for installation

Cut to desire length with a pair of scissors. Easy to install with self adhesive two sided tape.

It can be purchased in a box of 4500mm or we can cut to your required length. 

Floorsafe Australia also has Velcro cable covers which will stick to carpet

Colours available

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Blue

It comes in 9 meter rolls or you can buy by the metre.

Mannum Bowling Club Testimonial for Floorsafe Australia Pty Ltd

Hi Philip its Gary from the Mannum Bowling Club I would just like to thank you and your company (Floorsafe Australia Pty Ltd) for the help and cooperation that you gave my club in regards to the edging on our greens at first I thought that I had made a big mistake that was going to cost the club a heap of money but with your help we have now made our greens the best in the Association and it has really finished our club off as far as looks are concerned , we have had many comments about them and it makes me feel very proud so Phillip if you are ever in Mannum please contact me I would love for you to see how you have changed our club and if you want to pass on my contacts to anyone else that is maybe looking to go down the same track as us I would be happy to help

Anti-Slip Tape

Floorsafe Australias anti-slip tape can be applied to surfaces where there may be a safety hazard due to slipping. The Anti-slip tape can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Floorsafe Australias self adhesive anti-slip tapes are tough & durable and provides an excellent slip resistance because of the grip provided by the grit surface of the tape.

Floorsafe Australias self adhesive anti-slip tapes exceed the slip standards required and meet the AS/NZ Slip standards.  Constructed of mineral coated plastic film, one side pressure sensitive adhesive protected by a removable liner.

Floorsafe Australias anti-slip tape are easy to apply.  The anti-slip tape should only be applied to a clean, dry, grease & dust free surface. Press firmly into position to obtain maximum benefit from the pressure sensitive adhesive. Best adhesion at 23C. At low temperatures there is a chance of condensation forming & the tack of the adhesive can be reduced.

If you want to know more about the anti-slip tape product or want to order it check out our website or call 1300 717 769

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Floorsafe Australia

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Floorsafe is one of Australia’s most trusted brand names. Since 1987 Floorsafe International has been the leading developer & manufacture of a unique anti-slip treatment for making slippery when wet tiles anti-slip safe. Floorsafe anti-slip system is used throughout Australia and now available in 12 countries.