Do you have a hard time letting people know about dangers on your property? Are signs not doing the job? Floorsafe has the solution with the best tactile surface indicators Melbourne. We provide you with the best way to let people know that there is something ahead to pay attention to. Whether it is a blind hallway, or a sidewalk that goes into a street, the change in colour and texture will let people know there is something different ahead. Easy to install and impossible to miss, you will be able to get everything you need for your property.

Install Great Tactile Surface Indicators in Melbourne

Floorsafe provides you with the best tactile surface indicators Melbourne has to offer. These tactile indicators are easy to install with the ability to install them on the existing surface you have. Simply affix them to the surface and you will not have to worry about the tactile going anywhere, even in a high traffic area.

You can choose the different colours you want for your property. You can also choose materials like:

          Stainless Steel


          Tactile for Carpet

          Tactile Pads

The type you choose will depend on where you will install them and how visible you want them to be.

Best in Industry Tactile Indicators

Look at everything we have to offer on our website and you will soon be buying the best tactile surface indicators Melbourne has to offer. At Floorsafe, we provide you with everything you need to maintain safety on your property and maintain compliance with safety codes. Discover all the safety supplies you have been missing on your property when you look through our online catalogue today. Place your order directly through the website or call today on 1300 717 769 or by email on