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Anti-slip for Tiled Floors

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Floorsafe anti-slip solution for floors, showers & bathtubs.

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Floorsafe anti-slip solutions are available as diy in pack sizes.

How can you prevent falls?
The answer is to call in the Floorsafe anti-slip Specialists!

Floorsafe effectiveness has been proven in official tests carried out in July 2001 which resulted in a 260% increase in slip resistance on wet slippery surfaces.

The Best Product Award was presented to Floorsafe International at the Melbourne Health & Aged Care Exhibition, September 2001.

Slippery floors are extremely dangerous and many thousands of Australians are injured every year from slip & fall accidents on wet slippery floors. The answer to reducing the risk of a slip/fall accident is to call your local Floorsafe technician.

Floorsafe is not new, its been making slippery surfaces anti-slip safe since 1987.

Floorsafe’s unique three & four step anti-slip system is currently being installed in many state and local government departments, disability services, community housing, health & aged care organisations, hospitals, nursing homes, hostels, retirement homes and many other industries throughout Australia.

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Domestic and Public Areas:
Floorsafe is the solution! From domestic bathrooms and showers to shopping malls, Floorsafe can make the home, workplace and public areas safer for everyone.

With the ever increasing workplace vigilance by unions and OHS officers, and the threat of litigation in public and commercial areas, Floorsafe offers effective prevention.

Antislip for Tiled Floor“Duty of Care” must be taken by all employers, managers and landlords.Under the Occupational Health and Safety requirements you could be responsible should a slip/fall accident occur.

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The Floorsafe anti-slip system treatment will provide outstanding underfoot safety on all slippery surfaces such as: ceramic, quarry & mosaic tiles, granite, porcelain, terrazzo and concrete surfaces.

Kitchens, bathrooms, showers, laundries, pools, patios, steps… in fact anywhere a floor surface is a slip hazard (especially when wet) – inside or outside.

How does Floorsafe make a slippery ceramic or quarry tile anti-slip safe?
A passive change to a tile surface is chemically created by one of the three Floorsafe liquid products used in a unique 3 stage “spray-on” “wash-off” anti-slip system process.

The change created within the surface of the tile is invisible to the eye. Nothing is left on the surface at all. Floorsafe is not a sealer or a coating, in fact, after the Floorsafe application is completed, the surface actually looks unchanged which means that ongoing cleaning can be continued in the normal way.

All three products are simultaneously applied. The first product starts a cleaning process whilst at the very same time the second product creates the grip effect (the change). The third product acts as a rinsing aid when all three products are thoroughly rinsed from the surface with fresh water.

Even though you can’t see it – you can feel it.

Applications Sheets

Click here to view the Application Sheet for Ceramic Tiles

Click here to view the Application Sheet for Concrete/Terrazzo

Material Safety Data
Material Safety Data is provided in PDF format

Material Safety Data Solution No. 1
Material Safety Data Solution No. 2
Material Safety Data Solution No. 3
Material Safety Data Domestic Maintenance Cleaner
Material Safety Data
Commercial Maintenance Cleaner

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