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Strong enough to handle vehicular traffic our RCAB3 rubber cord protector shields wires, power cord(s), and CAT5 (Category 5) cable(s) making this a must for any standard computer station set-up.

The RCAB rubber duct comes in two different colors (Black or Brown) and is available in 3000mm lengths or cut to your size required. This cord protector comes SLIT on the center channel for easy universal installation for connected cables.

Available also with one and two hole usable channels in Black or brown.

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Utilizing the hook and loop method which runs along the 2 edges of the RCAB cable cover, this will provide you with the perfect solution to covering those cords and cables that extend along your carpeting or rugs.

Works best on non-cut pile carpets such as Berber and loop carpet and also works well with commercial grade rugs and carpets.

Made of durable Cordura Nylon, the patented SafCord carpet cord cover is also flexible enough to be used on sloped or curved surfaces. Stairs are also no problem as the SafCords’s (aka Safe Cord Cover) low profile is designed to prevent tripping and slipping hazards. More importantly, no need to move when vacuuming!

You won’t need to use any additional adhesive taping, such as duct tape, which can leave a sticky residue on your carpeting. Can also be cut to a desired length by the end user, the RCAB cable covers are also washable and reusable and can be removed with ease without damaging the carpet or rug surface below.

Available in Black, grey, yellow & blue. 9M rolls or buy by the metre.

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3-channel cord cover designed for extra storage of loose cords and cables on the floor. Ideal in high traffic areas to hide cords and prevent tripping accidents.

  • urashimaEasy to install.

  • Made with flexible material, it will not ripple like traditional plastic cord covers.
  • Flexible rubber cover that is easy to lie flat for installation.
  • Capable to remove cords from the two top-loading channels without removing the entire cover.
  • Cut to desired length with a pair of scissors.
  • Easy to install with self-adhesive two sided tape.
  • Safety self-adhesive tape can be applied to the cover for extra visibility & safety.

Box size: 4500mm or purchased in 1500mm & 3000mm lengths

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