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Business Opportunities with Floorsafe Australia

Floorsafe offer you an opportunity to get involved in the ever increasing safety flooring business for less then $2500.00

We do not charge fees or sell licences.

Our Floorsafe applicators kit, as shown will provide all the products & equipment you will need to become a Floorsafe applicator.

See below for more information on Business Opportunities with Floorsafe International.


Floorsafe Australia manufactures and purchases products in volume. We then pass the savings onto our customers so all of our products are very competitively priced.

Our anti-slip system treatment for making slippery tiles anti-slip safe is a very simple product to install, hence the reason why we sell the product in Do-it-yourself pack sizes.

There is no training required, however we welcome you to come to our head office in Adelaide so you can visit our premises and see the product being installed on site. We will show you all the other products we sell and it is your choice should you wish to promote, sell or install any of the safety products we have to offer.

If you decide you only want to do the odd job that’s fine as you can purchase the DIY pack sizes as required at our Wholesale prices.
Should you decide that you are going to make this opportunity a big part of your business then you should consider purchasing the applicators kit for installing the antislip system treatment plus some of the other tape products which becomes all part of running your safety business. Purchasing the items in the kit will make you look professional when a client pays you for installing the anti-slip treatment for them.

The anti-slip treatment kit contains the following items:

  • 1 x 200 square metre kit, 8 x 5 Litres CMC. 4 x 20 Litres CMC, 4 x 5 Litres DMC.
  • 6 x Spray packs, & 2 Litres Bath & Shower Safe.
  • 3 x Applicators spray pumps.
  • 2 x Application brooms. 2 x Floor squeegees.
  • 1 x Mop & mop bucket. 1 x Water can.

The total cost of the above is $2460.00 plus GST & delivery.

A small price to pay for starting a business.

Should you decide to become a Floorsafe applicator we will then immediately enter your contact details onto our Applicators list once you have the product. We will ask you to tell us what area you wish to cover.
As we advertise our products nationally we do get clients asking for the product to be installed. This is when you receive the benefits from our advertising. We will either get the client to contact you or we will send the enquiry onto you via email. It is important that you follow up any enquiries as soon as possible. We have no set charges and you should charge accordingly to your needs.

Apart from the floor treatment, installing stair nosings, tapes & tactiles can become a very big part of your business turnover & profit.

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