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bathshowersafeUnique anti-slip safety product for making baths & shower bases anti-slip safe.

Ideal for people of all ages especially those with limited mobility.

This product is for use only on enamel & porcelain bath tubs, ceramic & mosaic shower bases. Do not use on any other floor surface or area.

Bath & Shower safe will provide a unique and totally invisible grip effect to the complete base of baths & shower bases.

  • Minimal loss of appearance
  • No roughness to the skin
  • No drying time means no shut down times
  • No smells, mess or noise
  • One application is guaranteed for two years but may last 5 years
  • More hygienic then bathmats
  • Far superior to stick on tapes
  • Kills bacteria and leaves a pleasant fragrance

Used in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, motels & in domestic homes.

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Manufactured by Floorsafe Australia

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Bath and Shower Safe Application Procedure

For use on Enamel & Porcelain bath tubs and ceramic & quarry tiled shower bases only. DO NOT USE ON ANY OTHER AREAS. DO NOT STAND USED BOTTLE ON ANY FLOOR SURFACE.

Shower Bases
1)    Place Floorsafe protective towelling in front of shower recess.
2)    Lightly wet the surface with clean water.
3)    Shake bottle well and pour 250mls of Bath & Shower Safe onto surface.
4)    Using a soft brush, brush liquid around surface and leave for 3 minutes.
5)    Brush liquid over surface again until a feeling of grip is evident. (This can be judged by pushing your brush or your foot into the wet surface with weight)
6)    Once you have achieved a grip effect turn shower tap on and thoroughly rinse. Do not leave the liquid on the surface for longer then necessary as this can leave a visible residue over the surface once the treatment has dried. If this occurs the residue will have a whiteness/bloom appearance which is temporary and will slowly disappear with on-going use.
7)    The application is now completed and the shower can be used immediately.

1)    Pour 25omls Bath & Shower safe into the top end of the tub.
2)    Using soft brush brush liquid around the complete base of the bath and approx 75mm up sides and leave for 5 minutes.
3)    Brush liquid over surface again until a feeling of grip evident.
4)    Once you are satisfied with the grip turn bath tap on and rinse thoroughly.

The application is now completed and the bath can be used immediately.

 Because the application of theses products are out of our control, Floorsafe International cannot and will not except any liability for any injury or damage caused by using this product.

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