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add-agrip-5ADD-A-GRIP Vinyl/Timber is developed & manufactured by Floorsafe International

ADD-A-GRIP Vinyl/Timber is a unique anti-slip liquid that you simply add to your mop bucket. After mopping the floor and allowing it to dry, a clear invisble slip resistant film remains making floors safer to walk on.

Product sizes: 2 litre, 5 litre & 20 litre containers.

Coverage rate: 1 litre of mixed product will do approx 200 – 250 square metres of flooring.

Re-applying the product will depend on surface type and the amount of traffic and wear.

Dilute 1 part ADD-A-GRIP with 10 parts of water. (1 Litre with 10 litres of water)
To clean floor, wet mop mixed solution evenly over surface and leave to dry – OR add 2 cup-fulls to cleaning bucket and mop over floor and leave to dry. After use clean mop.

Re-apply when necesary.

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